Molinos and Nimax held the next SPECIA CON conference, dedicated to the behavior of people in the digital environment.

SPECIA – the commonwealth of the St. Petersburg digital agencies or, in other words, web developers and Internet marketers. The Commonwealth unites more than 2500 specialists in the market of web development and Internet communications from almost 200 companies in St. Petersburg.

Taras Mashtalir delivered a lecture on Sound Ecology and presented the sound sculpture STELLA, developed during art residence at the Art & Science of ITMO University

ITMO Spring School

University of ITMO hosted a lecture “Sound Ecology and Interactive Technologies”.

This is an introductory lecture on the sound ecology of Sonicology – an innovative international initiative to form a harmonious sound aesthetics in urban spaces. The technological solutions and examples of the formation of a harmonious sound landscape with the help of generative and interactive systems will be considered. Fundamentals of mathematics of harmony and its application: the golden section, Fibonacci numbers, Platonic bodies in the history of science and culture. Participants of the lecture examine the interconnection of information technologies and contemporary art. The audience will also get acquainted with the concept of sound sculpture and demonstrate the created artifacts in the context of the art residence of ITMO University.


Taras Mashtalir is an artist, composer and producer. He is the ideologist of the project Sonicology. His interactive multimedia installations were exhibited at numerous international venues, Taras is a participant of such festivals as LUMEN EX, ISEA, ZEBRA, Brooklyn International Film Festival, FIFI, Moscow Book Festival, ELO, E-Poetry, Interrupt II, Oslo poesifilm, Liberated Words, Tarp and others.

The lecture will be held within the framework of the 10th session of the scientific school “High Performance Computing and Computer Simulation Technologies” traditionally held by the Department of High-Performance Computing at the University of ITMO.



New Media Lab

Taras Mashtalir gave a series of lectures on interactive technology for the students of New Media Lab at New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater.

As a project of Alexandrinsky Theatre, New Media Laboratory is the sole program in contemporary Russian theatre dedicated to the research and airing of the new media in theatre and related performing arts, from the spheres of sound- and video- to bio-, data-art and programming.

Located in the professionally equipped Media Studio at the New Stage, New Media Laboratory runs as a relevant platform for Russian and international accomplished and emerging artists to accelerate awareness, knowledges and personal skills.


The international mediapoetry festival 101.
The name of the festival – 101- is a reference to the system of a binary code representing information with two binary digits 0 and 1.
The festival investigates new language forms in digital age as well as the synthesis of art, poetry and media.


TESSART is the center of art and immersive technologies in the heart of St. Petersburg. The creators of the Tessart have used the best world practices and trends on a joint of art & technologies.

Leading artists and programmers participated in development and implementation of the contents.

CLD ITMO University presents art therapy sessions of Lux Aeterna Theatre and lighting artefacts implemented by artist Taras Mashtalir on the base of Art & Science residence at ITMO University.


Sonic Sculpture is represented in the creative space of the Lumiere Hall in the context of the SCIENCE FEST festival.

SCIENCE FEST is an exhibition dedicated to the most incredible and fascinating scientific achievements that will bring together developers, entrepreneurs, gamers, geeks, scientists and all fans of the latest IT technologies on one platform. At the disposal of the guests 3,500 square meters, which will unfold many locations, devoted to the boundless world of science and technology.

Museum of Communication

The opening of the exhibition was timed to a round table on the topic “Techniqnology and Art”, which took place on December 2 at the AS Popov Central Library in the framework of the V International St. Petersburg Cultural Forum.

The meeting of the Roundtable was attended by employees of some leading universities in St. Petersburg, the museum community, interested specialists.

“Interactive art object «JF-44-553» by sonic artist Taras Mashtalir, is a vertical sculpture in the form of a 3d acoustic wave, passes a certain message to the world that everyone can program in real time. Simple movements visualize the messages in the sculpture by a splash of vibrant light and ambient sound.”

Central Museum of Communication