bleuOrange presents a digital and literary bilingual performance night in Montreal.
bleuOrange invites international artists to explore the notions of language, literariness and sound in digital performances.

The program and the organization of the Soirée bleuOrange proposes an opening on international artistic practices using the Montreal community as a starting point by creating a dialogue with artists working on literature, writing, spoken language, performance and digitla arts.

The evening will be hosted by Bertrand Gervais and Alice van der Klei.

We are please to announce the participation of:

CrystalGriche – Sylvain Aubé and Stéphanie Castonguay, (Montréal, CANADA): «Radio Pyrite»
J.R. Carpenter (Devon, UK): «Seven Short Talks About Islands …and by islands I mean paragraphs»
Nick Montfort (New York, USA): «Cars and Dust»
SB & GG – Sandy Baldwin and Gabriel Gaudette, (Rochester, USA et Montreal, CANADA): «No Refuge»
Marie Darsigny (Montréal, CANADA): «Summertime tristesse»
Ethan Hayden (Buffalo, USA): «…ce dangereux supplément…»
OTTARAS – Ottar Ormstad (Oslo, NORVÈGE) and Taras Mashtalir (St-Petersburg, RUSSIA): «3 CONCRETE»

The event is featured in Montreal Digital Spring festival.